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Picture of Led Emergency Lights for 24 Leds Lamp Lighthead

Model No.: LS-LH31SSNE
Model Name: 24 LEDs Lamp Lighthead
The LS-LH31SSNE is a compact, surface-mounted warning light which utilizes high brightness 5 mm lamp LED technology. Each light is powered by 24 5mm LAMP diodes. Meanwhile it has multiple flash patterns which selected by user via a control wire located on the rear of the light.


  • Voltage: 12/24 VDC
  • Current: 0.2 Amps/Max.
  • Patterns: 25
  • Fixed form: surface-mounted and screw-mounted
  • Functions: pattern, hi/low power, sync switch
  • Waterproof designed
  • Colors: Red/Amber/Blue/White/Green or Combinations
  • Connector: 4 wires (red/black/yellow/white)
  • Can be synchronized to work together with other L. STAR lights